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Things you should know about JumbleDB Data Masking

  • Complete data masking solution
  • Lower your data masking project costs - fast to install and easy to implement
  • Cross platform masking support - Oracle, SQL-Server (MSSQL), IBM DB2
  • Unique project oriented solution - Detect -> Protect -> Alert
  • Supports large databases - minimal logging operations
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Why choose JumbleDB as your data masking solution?

Orbium Software's JumbleDB is a data-masking (data-scrambling) product providing an end-to-end comprehensive solution for all of your data masking needs. Its unique project-oriented approach helps you lower your database masking project costs by providing sophisticated, yet simple, tools to locate and mask (scramble) your sensitive data in non-production environments. The main challenge of any data masking project is fully discover the sensitive data and its referential integrity relations. JumbleDB offers a unique detection module that allows mapping of your sensitive data across the entire organization - with ease. Most of our customers use multi-platform data centers. By using JumbleDB, one can mask several inter-related databases (Oracle, SQL-Server, MySQL and DB2) using a single UI and keeping data integrity across the masked databases.


  • MySQL support in beta Q2-2012
  • Sybase ASE 15.5 is now supported
  • Column search patterns added
  • AS-400 is now supported

What is data masking?

Data masking, also known as data anonymization, data cleansing, data obfuscation or data scrambling, is a method of modifying sensitive data while keeping it realistic - but not real. Data masking is a common technique to anonymize sensitive data in non-production environments. Copying data to non-production environments for development, QA or testing is a common task in almost every IT company. It's a fast and easy way to generate high quality test and development data but it also holds some risks, as sensitive corporate data is being copied to non-secure environments that are accessible by many users. Read more >>

JumbleDB and PCI-DSS

Using JumbleDB unique scanning mechanism users can scan there entire database and fully map credit-card occurrences in production, as well as, non-production databases. In additon to masking, this allows removing of redundant occurrences of credit-card data from your organization's environments.